A tiny guide to Sprint Planning in Scrum

  1. What can we do in this sprint?
  2. How are we going to do it?


  1. Sprint Planning shouldn’t be led by anyone besides the Development Team. Not the Scrum Master, not the Product Owner, not the PM. It’s harder for the Development Team to take ownership of their work if they aren’t leading the discussion.
  2. Sprint Planning shouldn’t gather a collection of unrelated tickets for the Sprint. As much as possible, tickets should all relate to the single Sprint Goal so that people can work together towards a single iteration.
  3. Sprints should never be pre-planned before Sprint Planning starts. The Sprint Backlog should be empty when Sprint Planning starts, so there’s no hidden pressure to commit to a pre-planned sprint. I’m talking to you, Product Owner who puts tickets into “sprint buckets” before Sprint Planning.





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